• Night Shoots

    Get awestruck by photos taken under the cover of darknesss.

  • Long Exposure Shoots

    Artistic long exposure shots that will blow you away.

  • Photo Editing

    Professionally edited photographs.

  • Style

    Trend setting style that is bound to draw you in.

  • big, bold and colourful

    Experience photos with breathtaking vibrancy.

  • Compelling Photography

    irresistibly interesting and exciting

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    They say a picture speaks a 1000 words, what do you think mine speak about?

  • Content over design

    It looks pretty, it does inform and entertain, just waiting on you to return here again.


What I do best


I offer a wide variety of photography services.No matter what occasion you are celebrating, I am here to help you create lasting memories.

Photo Processing

Amazing image correction, artistic retouching, stunning album designs and careful culling are among the services i offer.Let us keep the decisive moments.

Photo Printing

I believe in design and craftsmanship. That’s why I have partnered with designers to create charming ways to display your most cherished photographs.

Adobe Lightroom

I am well conversant with Adobe Lightroom is a photo processor and image organizer developed by Adobe Systems, that allows me to bring your beautiful images to light.


The Work flow

First things first, camera set up is greatly considered and locations or positions are keenly selected since a good picture is always determined by location, location, location (^-^).Proper camera settings are also adjusted tobest suit the conditons the picture is being taken under.

  • Options of either RAW or Jpeg image types are most prefered.

Photo Processing

Editing with lightroom which enables me to correct some of the pictures that were over or under exposed. When all is done to the clients satisfaction, the pictures can either be printed or Web published depending with their needs.

  • Organising and Sorting my Pictures
  • Picture Correction


Night Shoots

Long Exposure

The skies beauty


University Way

Studio Shoot

Dapper! Love your style and your blog! :-)

Yvonne Waluvengo

The Long exposure pics served well as parallax pictures. Great talent.

Daniel Okellz
Web Developer

Quality picture there


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