Facebook , Whatsapp and Instagram platforms go dark.

Complaints by users across the United Kingdom, Europe and parts of Africa took flooded Twitter with concerns about Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram not being able to upload, load, send or recieve content. Media content could not go through on Whatsapp, instead, a "download failed" message with a prompt to try again was a constant sight. Despite seeing the image preview, the image can't open.

Facebook acknowledged the problem after hundreds of users logged complaints on the down time tracker site 'outage tracker'. Unfortunately, no statement about the cause of the outage has been revealed by Facebook.

All in all then break from social media could have had some benefits to some. For some they might not realize how much social media is influencing their behaviors until they experience a break from it.A break from social media, however short can helpus re-evlute ur behaviors and regain our perspectives about things. In 12 hours, chances are you can get a chance to evaluate what is and isn't working in your life. A basic concept, yes, but having the time re-evalute yourself helps get a new dose of self awareness. In 12 hours, the mindless scrolling (sorry to say) inhibits your potential to have creative ideas or thoughts. Creative sparks that you could get just by alternatiely scrolling or browsing through informational material instead of rechecking whether Facebooks back. in 12 you can get to know yourself a little better, be grateful. Since social media is all about highlights, you might ind you not just good at having so many highlights in your life to post around. As a result, you can easily fall into the trap of comparing your life to an online profile. A break could help you actually experience your own life on your own terms.

On a lghter note, a plausible explanation could be the Facebook image CDN could have experienced some downtime thus affecting the social media platforms under those particular CDN servers. Or suspected Denial of service attack, but with the scale of the outage could raise eyebrows about it being a probable state sponsored exercise??? Who knows,just speculating.

12 hours in "real life"