Is Faceapp stealing your photos?

The artificial intelligence on the FaceApp has provided for some very impressive facial effects so far.The app isn’t the first of its kind that lets you play around with portrait photos. The main concern is what do these apps do with our photos.

Good news is

The rumors that FaceApp steals your whole gallery are not quite true.

Bad news is

Not all of your photos are safe.

After being asked by the app to grant it access to your gallery . The moment you grant it access to your photos, you quickly get a preview of the images you can quickly select to edit. It turns out that any photo you select to edit are uploaded to FaceApss servers. Many of the effects offered are applied on the “server-side” and not on your phone or tablet. In short, to edit the images must be uploaded.

Let’s just be careful with the photos we upload to edit J.

A need for transparency

The whole process of what happens to your photos is not really clear to the users. Furthermore there’s no disclaimer telling you that the photos you edit are first uploaded to the servers to enable that to happen.

However had there been a disclaimer to warn users who are conscious about their privacy might have chosen to edit less to no photos at all. Making the app a less successful one, that being a result any multi billion companies would not want.

Face thieves or not?