Without proper planning you would be asking the same question.

Have you ever tried going on a journey without prior planning? I did once, and instead of the good time I was looking forward to I ended frustrated because of the other things I had to plan mid journey. Constantly thinking of where to sleep, eat or where to go almost drove me crazy. It is the same with the journey of life. Many of us, regrettably, live with little to no planning. So it’s no surprise we end up in situations where we ask ourselves “How did I end up here?”

This is why the importance of making your own personal development action plan is key.

A personal development action plan helps you to shape your thinking. We do think constantly but on many occasions we miss the important details. Thus, we end up creating unrealistic strategies that leave us frustrated when they do not go according to our mental projections. That’s how many “plans” just stay in your dreams.

A personal development action plan is a process that consists of identifying what’s important to you, what goals you are working to achieve, the strengths you possess to help you achieve those goals, identify areas of improvement and what needs developing over time.

Where to start? You might ask.

First off, this template for a personal development action will help you structure your ideas and create a rigid plan for achieving your personal goals.

1. Identify and define your goals.

2. Prioritise your goals.

3. Set Deadlines.

4. Undertake a personal SWOT analysis.

5. Nurture new skill sets.

6. Take necessary action.

7. Be open to getting support.

8. Analyse and measure progress.

Identify and define your goals.

Know what is important to you and what things can improve your personal life or business approach. At least list down about 10 of them.

Prioritise your goals.

With all your goals written down, identify which one is most important to help you achieve your goal and give it your priority and focus.

Set deadlines.

Having a goal and not knowing when to achieve it makes its chances of commencing low. In addition, if you have a very big project and allocate a short time period to complete it, chances are it might not be completed in time.

In short when setting a deadline try as much as possible to be realistic, specific and make good assumptions time-wise.

Undertake a personal SWOT analysis.

SWOT – Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats. It is important for your confidence to be aware of your strengths and weakness. Recognize how your current behaviours or habits can either open up opportunities to support your cause or threaten to deviate you from your goals.

Nurture new skill sets.

The desire to achieve something you haven’t achieved before can only be realized if you nurture the necessary skills to help you achieve it. Be open to learn new things, experiment and expand your skills beyond what you already know.

Take necessary action.

To achieve a goal you need to identify the actions that facilitate you to reach that goal. Note down at least 5 actions you plan to take keeping in mind the time frame you had set before the deadline.

Be open to getting support.

Our personal SWOT analysis helps us identify some personal weaknesses. Keeping that in mind helps us realize we cannot make it in everything alone. Some hind sight, advice and referrals go a long way. Utilize them to your advantage to make sound decisions and objectives to reach your goal.

Analyse and measure progress.

Progress is a good sign that you are on track to meeting your goals. It is ideal to realize when you are moving forward and note down the things that are doing well in your plan. On the other hand if things are not going so we, what do you do to get a positive outcome? This is an indication that you need to change your strategies.

In conclusion, to get clarity in whatever personal or business projects you undertake it is important to have a personal development action plan. This powerful method to improve your quality of life helps you assess your life, know what is important for you and to start working on things that matter the most.

Click here to download our Personal development action plan template and start achieving your goals.

How did I end up here?