They say happiness is a mood and positivity is a mindset

Ever wondered how to become extraordinarily good with people by projecting positive energy? Also called positive projection, it is the idea that you project positivity and good energy on to other people at all times when it's difficult to do it or when it’s easy to do it. It doesn't matter. The point being you're bringing buoyant positive energy into your social and personal circles, but it's difficult for some people to do that. On that note we want to share with you how to do that.

  1. Honor peoples struggle.

Take  a second to think of your position right now. I bet there are some areas where you're struggling. Maybe it’s a relationship or a work situation or your health, maybe it’s something you are trying to give or create and it doesn’t seem to work out. At times you feel like the people around you don’t know how hard you work, how much you dream, how much you give and how much you try to take care of other people. If you ever felt that way, now you understand the emotion everyone around the world feels, EVERYONE STRUGGLES.

 Sadly, sometimes you are prone to forget and get trapped in your own little world; your ego gets self interested that sometimes you stop seeing the struggle other people go through. Suddenly it becomes easy to judge them, it's easier to make them the enemy, it's easier to tease them, it's easier to be critical to them. You start losing your humanity and when we lose that humanity it's not likely that we are going to remember to be positive with other people.

You want to be extraordinary with people, remember to honor the struggle. If you always have that thought at the top of your mind to you’ll be more patient and you will be more kind.

  1. Improve your ability to take enthusiastic interest in people

Positive projection is easily achieved when you take a fascination in what people do. Get a hint of at least what their interests are , what their excited about, what their scared of undertaking, their big dreams . To take an interest in other people right now is such an art in a time when people are so falsely interested in what you or others do.

 For instance, you meet somebody new, you would you go to their Instagram / Facebook page for 10-15 seconds, scan it and you make a judgment and  you're off on the other things. We can do better than that. We need to bring back humanity into our networks in such a way that we know the people on our networks well. You get to really know who your family is, you get to really know who your friends and your immediate peer groups are. If you know what their interests and their passions are  it becomes much easier for you not only be a positive person with them but now with that fascination that you have with them you unknowingly become their cheerleader; and you end up vouching and supporting them  towards achieving their projects /goals.

So please take a deep fascination.

  1. Don’t be an antennae for just receiving energy

it's difficult not to assume other people's energy and if you're going to practice positive projection onto other people, it's important not to be somebody who serves as an  antenna for other people's energy. It's amazing that we can mimic and mirror or catch the emotions of other people other people's emotions can be caught by us. If we're not attentive to that then we start to be a reflection of those around us versus being a person who is willing energy the energy that we want in the world. It's very important that you don't catch on to what I call a social emotional contagion.

 For instance, if you are picking all the energy on the world around you the energy around the world right now is fairly (if not mostly) distracted ,dissipated and disgruntled and if you pick up on that you start to feel like this weird sense of stress, judgment and negativity. The world right now is drowning in pools of pessimism, if you catch on to that you start to feel that it's easy for people to yank you into that pool and drown you. So you have to be strong, sure, confident and healthy to avoid them. We have to have that intention to bring positivity the world despite the world's bias often for negativity.

  1. Have a positive mantra

Condition yourself to always mentally repeat a positive mantra. Whether you are in a room full of strangers or on a bus ride home or at a restaurant a constant simple mantra for example like  “I wish nothing for you, but joy and health” can go a long way.

In conclusion, I'm sure we all  got lots of great tips , tricks and things that we use as well  to motivate ourselves to build better interactions with people but we can't do that unless the intention we have is to project positivity on to people.

Positivity.. How do we get it?